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I was a 20+ year veteran of the Film & TV industry when my health hit rock bottom in 2011. Faced with a dismal prognosis, I still tried to push on with my filmmaking projects. While doing research for a TV project, I found myself at a presentation offered by Dr. Eric Pearl: this is how Reconnective Healing® found me. Not only did RH heal me completely from my disease, it also shifted my entire life. I suddenly had the clarity of what truly was my life's purpose, my "happy." I am now a full-time professional foundational practitioner and a member of the RH Global Teaching Team, plus continue to collaborate with The Reconnection team to bring to the digital medium deeply transformational video projects, including designing and directing The Portal, the Reconnective Healing Online Level l Course. Reconnective Healing is an elegant and simple science-validated energy approach to healing, transformation, and communication, something that truly appeals to me. I appreciate that it requires no methodology or diagnosing, that there are no steps to follow, and that physical separation is not an obstacle to its effectiveness. I facilitate Reconnective Healing and the Personal Reconnection in the Henderson/Las Vegas area as well as Reconnective Healing distance sessions around the world. Reconnective Healing® healed my life - let it help you heal yours! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Soy Ana Clavell, bilingüe, oriunda de Puerto Rico y facilitadora fundacional de Reconnective Healing (la Sanación Reconectiva), y la Reconexión Personal. También soy mentora y miembro del equipo internacional de maestros de Reconnective Healing. Contáctame para más información:



Reconnective Healing, Personal Reconnection
Fee per Reconnective Healing Session
*Reconnective Healing and The Personal Reconnection are two different services. While each practitioner sets their own fee for a Reconnective Healing session, The Personal Reconnection is always $333 USD or its exact monetary value in the local currency.


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