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Allou Guthmiller is a Registered Nurse and Author. As a Nurse, she has explored the Holistic side of medicine extensively, after observing the medical field’s frequent application of bandages without addressing the deeper wounds. In 1990, Allou began experiential workshops on the Therapeutic Power of Humor, Empowerment, and Living Life's Purpose.

In 2002, Allou discovered Reconnective Healing by Dr. Eric Pearl, a more comprehensive form of healing. She was selected and successfully completed the advanced Practitioner Mentor and Teacher Development programs becoming one of the first few in the world to attain Associate Instructor distinction. 

As an Associate Instructor of the Reconnection, she has traveled extensively with the Reconnection team and Dr. Eric Pearl teaching. She offers Reconnective Healing, The Reconnection, and Practitioner Mentoring/Coaching.

“This work takes one into a very sacred space where miraculous healings unfold; touching upon rich gratitude."

She invites you to schedule your Reconnective Healing and Reconnection appointments with her and your life will be forever changed.



Reconnective Healing, Personal Reconnection
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*Reconnective Healing and The Personal Reconnection are two different services. While each practitioner sets their own fee for a Reconnective Healing session, The Personal Reconnection is always $333 USD or its exact monetary value in the local currency.


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43 Cedar Lane, Santa Barbara, California 93108
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